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A community of Radicals

free press and free expression

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welcome to the community where people can speak their minds. this is a political forum devoted to those who have abnormal political views that would other wise be rejected or severly questioned and ridiculed.

Here we respect the views of everyone, even those that have views that historians often question. Just because someone comments that they like George Bush does not prompt and immediate attack on that person. While it certainly is fine to discredit facts or information presented here lets not degrade people in the process. this is a civil forum where respect is number 1, unlike other forums.

Please discuss politics to whatever extent you like. we welcome issues both at home and abroad, and certainly encourage those with progressive ideals to freely speak their minds. Lets create a great forum where people can discuss all that is wrong with our system and all that people find good, and hopefully in the process we will establish a better idea of what our generation really cares about.